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Main Line Spring Water

New Hot/Cold Cooler

5 gallon containers                                                                                 $6.25 per bottle 

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16.9 oz (24 per case)                                                                                $8.00 per case 

$5.00 per cooler per month

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$10.00 per cooler per month

Oasis® and Clover® Coolers 

- Available in hot and cold configurations

- Hot water is dispensed at 185°F for tea while cold water is dispensed at 45°F

- Childproof handle standard on hot and cold models

- Dishwasher safe, polystyrene drip tray is easily removable for quick cleaning

- Lightweight, easy to move, polyethylene body, comes with UV protection to revent fading

- Conveniently fits into corners

- Free set up

Cooler Pricing 

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Refurbished Hot/Cold Cooler

Fresh  •  Pure  •  natural  •  Filtered

3 gallon containers                                                                                 $5.50 per bottle

7oz Plastic Cups and Paper Cone Cups available - Call for pricing

Bottle Pricing