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Bottling Process

Main Line Spring Water is bottled by FOXLEDGE, a state of the art water filtration and bottling plant that takes pride in the quality of water it produces. 

The pure spring water is multi filtered to a 45 micron absolute rating. 

Ultra Violet Light and Ozination 
​Every drop of water passes through Ultra Violet Light for purification, thus not leaving a residual taste, color or odor. 

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) 
Our spring water is bottled by Fox Ledge Springs, a company that adheres to the outlined procedures known as GMP’s set in place by the Food and Drug Administration. Strict adherence to GMP’s is a federal mandate for bottled water producers and plays an integral role in ensuring a quality product. 

In House Product Testing 
Our bottling center adheres to a constant monitoring procedure throughout the day ensuring quality control. Testing includes cap torque, bottled integrity, label and coding specs, water quality analysis, bacteria, HCP, and mold spore (both water and air testing). 

Outsourced Testing
Daily water samples - source and product - are sent to an independent laboratory for FDA and State compliance. Yearly analytical testing on source and finished product is also part of Fox Ledge Springs standard procedure. Together Main Line Spring Water, bottled by Fox Ledge Springs, ensures that you receive the best and highest quality water available! 

Bottling Process 
Our bottling location is completely automated ensuring that your water is untouched by human hands throughout the entire process. Below we have listed the steps that each bottle goes through to ensure quality control. 

1) A robot unloads empty bottles out of the racks and places them on the conveyor. 

2) The bottles then enter the de-capper which removes the caps and blows them into a cap recycling bin. 

3) Bottles then proceed to the lead detector/sniffer machine. The first checkpoint is the leak detection procedure. Each bottle is presurized with 4PSI of air. If there is any deviation the bottle is immediately rejected and recycled. If the bottle passes it continues on to the sniffing module, which checks for foul odors, ammonia and petroleum products. If any of these elements are detected the bottle is rejected and recycled. 

4) After inspection the bottles travel to the vision system. Using an HD camera, two pictures of every bottle are taken and analyzed by computer. Any defective bottles or bottles detected with debris are rejected and analyzed by QA. 

5) Bottles that pass the previous step then pass through an automated washer/rinser/sanitzer station.     

- Washer - Bottles are washed at 5 stations by a 140 degree mild soap wash.   
- Rinse - Bottles go through a complete rinsing station and neck wash.   
- Sanitize - 4 Sanitization stations use hyper-ozinated water to sanitize each bottle.     
- Final Rinse - Bottles go through a final rinse with hyper-ozinated product water. 

6) The bottles finally go to the non-contact filler to get filled with our natural spring water. 

7) After filling the bottles are then capped, dated, and delivered to your door!